Ulasan Buku/Book Review. "The Remembered, Preserved and Imagined Past. My Heritage Memoirs" by Tun Ahmad Sarji, Petaling Jaya, Pelanduk, 2018

Lee Jing, Sharina Abdul Halim, Sarah Aziz, Halimaton Saadiah Hashim, Puay Liu Ong, Rahimah Abdul Aziz, Geraldin K.L. Chan, Tanot Unjah


Since a Book Review has no Abstract, I hereby provides the first paragraph of the Book Review here:


 “If we believe that heritage buildings tell a story of the city, its people, its way of life, then what happens when they are destroyed?” (pg. 10). Starting with such a poignant line of enquiry, which sets the scene for the book on Tun Ahmad Sarji’s collection of Heritage Memoirs, we could say that the book’s title - “The Remembered, Preserved and Imagined Past. My Heritage Memoirs” – captures the heart of one man’s passion for heritage recognition and conservation. This book has six chapters, which encompassed Tun Ahmad Sarji’s commitment to heritage identification, recognition, preservation and conservation, through his various capacities and involvement in different organisations. 

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