Challenges in Multi-Layer Data Security for Video Steganography Revisited

Samar Kamil, Masri Ayob, Siti Norul Huda Sheikh Abdullah, Zulkifli Ahmad


The steganography is prone to number of attacks such as geomatical, salt & pepper, gaussian, median filtering, attacks. To overcome these problems, the cryptography and error correction codes are comes in the pictures and hybrid with steganography algorithms. The cryptography algorithms add one layer of security on steganography algorithms and error correction codes improves the robustness of steganography algorithms. On the other side, the hybridization of the algorithms, increase memory complexity and increase computation time for data embedding. Thus, in this paper a review on multi-layer algorithms for video steganography is done. This paper comprehensively reviews the steganography, spatial and frequency domain techniques hybrid with cryptography and error correction techniques. In-depth analysis on published literatures revealed that the spatial domain techniques require shorter computation time for data embedding and provide higher data hiding capacity than frequency domain methods. Performance of such techniques was evaluated in terms of visual quality and robustness parameters. Present challenges and future trends towards the improvement of the multi-layer data security in video steganography are discussed to provide the taxonomy for further navigation.


cryptography, error correction codes, video steganography, data hiding, security

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