A Framework for Ontology Development of Information and Communication Technology Experts Using Thesaurus, Association for Computing Machinery Taxonomy and Domain Experts Approaches

Akmal Aris, Junaidah Mohamed Kassim, Hana Yasmein Ishak, Juhana Salim, Shahrul Azman Mohd Noah


A search for experts is a search for individuals with skills and knowledge in a particular field. Early studies studied profiling of experts in the expert search application by using keyword query. The use of concept-based query that we highlight is able to match experts and expertise to the searched field. Existing expert search systems perform search merely based on the experts’ publication information. There are no relations to other information that can act as support resources to relate them to related fields. The technique to search for expert based on publication information narrows the search scope. There are other aspects that are related to the experts such as education, teachings, supervisions, consultations, conferences, community services and professional affiliations. The use of ontology that is based on concept can also help to expand the search results as well as to link to other relations. The purpose of this research is to design a framework for ontology development of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) experts, to be used in the development of ICT expert directory. This framework is developed based on the critical evaluation of the literatures focusing on the following areas: experts search systems, experts profiling and ontology in the experts search system. The development of the framework involves extraction processes from web resources, for example, resume, individual websites, organization websites and research centers websites, to build a glossary of word index that characterizes experts. This glossary index becomes the basis for ontology development. In this research, the ontology development integrates the use of thesaurus, Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) taxonomy and ICT domain experts. The ontology that had enriched the glossary index provides the semantics ability in the ICT expert directory. There are three components in the framework; they are extraction of data, development of ontology, and validation of ICT expert ontology by domain experts. The development of this framework can guide the development of concept-based ontology that is relevant and accurate to user’s needs.   

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