Intellectual Property Management and Monitoring Framework for University Innovation Centre

Kairulanuar Ab Kadir, Juhana Salim


Research outcome that are scattered in faculties can be efficiently managed using an intellectual property (IP) management system. In relation to the need to improve management and monitoring process of IP, solutions such as identification of IP application processes and procedures, manual disposal practices and suitability of using information technology (IT) is proposed. This study aims to design and validate the IP management and monitoring framework that could be used as a guideline for the effective management of IP. This framework is designed to be adapted to the environment of university innovation centers entrusted with managing National University of Malaysia’s intellectual property rights. The framework development involves three phases. The first and second phase includes information gathering on the needs and problems of managing and monitoring existing IP processes through literature review and case study on the National University of Malaysia’s Innovation Centre. The third phase involves the design and construction of the system framework that encourages the development of an IP management and monitoring prototype system. The IP management and monitoring system has three main components which includes awareness of IP, IP mining and IP scanning. The system is designed to improve the process of identifying and evaluating potential IP with increased efficiency in record keeping and accelerating the process of maintaining a large amount of research information. The prototype system framework is further verified by the university innovation center’s executive using think aloud method. Qualitative data analysis results indicates that the IP management and monitoring prototype system provides significant improvement in resolving existing IP management issues and user productivity. The framework is designed to allow information related to the IP to be acquired, stored, managed and used effectively based on the concept of intellectual property management.


Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property Rights, Intellectual Property management, Intellectual Property monitoring, National University of Malaysia

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