The use of critical reflection manual in writing reflective journal: A case study of Malaysian student teachers’ perceptions

Wong Yeou Min, Rosnidar Mansor, Syakirah Samsudin


Reflective journal writing is a common tool for reflection to engage student teachers (STs) in reflective practice
during teacher clinical experience (TCE) or teaching practicum. However, studies have shown that STs who have
undergone the TCE often demonstrated low levels of reflection in their reflective writings. Therefore, the purpose of
this paper was to discuss the effectiveness of critical reflection manual (CRM) in promoting critical reflection
among STs during TCE based on the STs’ perceptions. The CRM is developed through a systematic review of
literature on various models of reflection, tools for reflection and approaches to developing a manual. It is developed
specifically to guide STs to engage in critical reflection in their reflective writings during TCE. Primary data were
collected from in-depth interviews and analysed by using content analysis technique. Eight STs from Sultan Idris
Education University (UPSI) who were given exposure to the CRM during TCE were purposely selected to be
interviewed. The findings indicated that the use of CRM by the STs had an overall positive impact. In addition, most
STs gave positive perceptions of the CRM and provided several suggestions for improving the effectiveness of this

Keywords: critical reflection, critical reflection manual, reflective journal writing, reflective writings, student
teachers, teacher clinical experience

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