Key success factors for team integration practice in Malaysian Industrialised Building System (IBS) construction industry

Mohd Nasrun Mohd Nawi, Mohamed Nor Azhari Azman, Wan Nadzri Osman, Kamaruddin Radzuan, Mazri Yaakob


Industrialised Building System (IBS) has been recognized as synonymous with industrialisation of the construction
industry . In Malaysia, the domination of traditional method in IBS project has gained much attention not only from
researchers but also construction industry practitioners as the implementation of IBS through traditional approach
almoat always led to the rise of construction problems such as increasing project time and cost, redesigning,
ineffective supply chain, and others. Fragmentation process in traditional method is not a line with the concept of
IBS which is required a high communication and collaboration among the project stakeholders. This study took
closer look at current practice of IBS projects in Malaysia, at the need for an integration approach, and at the
availability of integrated approaches in IBS projects with the objective of identifying critical success factors for
integrated teams in IBS construction projects. The findings from the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) among
construction industry stakeholders revealed the main barriers to the IBS adoption in Malaysia’s construction industry
to be poor integration among project stakeholders during the planning and design phase. This was due to the
domination of the fragmentation concept of the traditional method.

Keywords: construction industry, fragmentation concept, Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Industrialised Building
System (IBS), success factors, team integration

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