Spatio-temporal analysis of aerosol concentration over Saudi Arabia using satellite remote sensing techniques

Md. Arfan Ali, Mazen Ebraheem Assiri


Aerosols are a principal factor in altering climatic dynamics both at regional and global scales. Saudi Arabia is
highly affected by aerosols particulates mainly due to the frequent sand and dust storm events in the region. In this
context, this study examined Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Deep Blue (DB) Aerosol
Optical Depth (AOD) variability both from Terra and Aqua satellites and its relationship with temperature for the
period 2002-2007.A comparison between Terra and Aqua DB AOD products were also made in this study. The
annual mean AOD analysis based on Terra and Aqua showed a decreasing and increasing trend respectively. Results
of the study also showed that the temperature had a strong correlation with Terra DB AOD (r =0.79) than Aqua DB
AOD (r =0.68). Overall, DB algorithm was found to be well enough for the assessment of aerosol variability to be
conducted over Saudi Arabia.

Keywords: aerosol, aqua, deep blue algorithm, MODIS, temperature, terra

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