Media GIS – Stamp for ethic journalism

Syed Nawaz ul Huda, Farkhunda Burke, Imran Khan


There is global consensus that access to information is a fundamental human right. However, it is necessary that the
information be conveyed honestly and effectively to the masses. In the twenty first millennium, thanks to the
advancement of technology, news spreads to every nook and corner of the world within split seconds. Therefore,
presentation of news in correct, updated format is an essential pre-requisite for media declaration, which is being
highly aided by emerging technologies. GIS, being one of these, creates a link between geographical conditions and
human, social, political, and environmental events. GIS is an important tool which plays a critical role in conveying
the editor’s messages to the masses through the media. Maps have incredible visual impacts, thus GIS aided news
have the stamp of authenticity. This new technology not only helps in effective diffusion of information intricacies
but also aids in competent strategic archiving.

Keywords: journalism, media GIS, news, news authenticity, spatial analysis, strategic archiving

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