The competitiveness of halal food industry in Malaysia: A SWOT - ICT analysis

Abdul Manaf Bohari, Cheng Wei Hin, Nurwahida Fuad


The halal food industry is of vital importance to Muslims world wide as it gives them a sense of security that
whatever they consume, use and purchase is Syariah compliant. Simultaneously, the halal industry contributes to societal development and national economic growth. This paper analyses the competitiveness of the halal food
business in Malaysia using the ICT-aided SWOT analysis techniques. It was found that the industry was characterised by 16 strength factors, 18  weaknesses, nine opportunities, and nine threat factors. To enhance its current competitiveness and preparedness for future challenges a comprehensive ICT-based strategy is recommended.

Keywords: business competitiveness, global halal market, halal food industry, ICT-based strategy, Muslim
community, SWOT analysis

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