Minda objektif–dimensi gerhana dalam persoalankesejahteraan dan hubungan Indonesia-Malaysia (Objective mindset – the eclipsed dimension in the maintenance of harmonious Indonesia - Malaysia relations)

Amriah Buang


Minda objektif ialah kesanggupan meneliti pokok persoalan menurut fakta. Fakta ertinya kenyataan sebagaimana yang berlaku. Tesis kertas ini ialah bahawa sekian banyak perbicaraan permasalahan kesejahteraan dalam hubungan dua hala Indonesia-Malaysia dewasa ini adalah berpunca dari pendekatan yang kurang menghormati dan meraikan pemikiran yang objektif, pemikiran yang berlandaskan fakta. Kertas ini merujuk kepada dua kes utama untuk menunjukkan bagaimana minda yang kurang objektif telah mengeruhkan keadaan dan seterusnya hubungan Indonesia-Malaysia. Satu, kes pembantu rumah Indonesia di Malaysia, dan satu lagi kes meningkatnya jenayah di Malaysia akibat kehadiran pekerja asing Indonesia. Kertas ini juga melakarkan jalan keluar yang menghargai minda objektif kerana di dalam penyerlahan kembali minda yang objektif inilah letaknya harapan realistik dalam memurnikan kembali hubungan dua negara serumpun ini.

Katakunci: hubungan dua hala, Indonesia, Malaysia, minda objektif, pekerja migran, pembantu rumah

Objective mindset is the ability and willingness to examine issues according to the facts of the matter. Facts are realities as they happen. This paper articulates the thesis that so many negative descriptions and discussions of recent issues affecting the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Malaysia have transpired from approaches which do not quite respect objective thinking based on facts, and caused thereby unnecessary unease and tensions in the bilateral relations of the two neighbouring countries. It does this by alluding to two ‘burning’ issues, namely, the plight of Indonesian domestic helpers in Malaysia, and the social liabilities that Malaysians allegedly suffer from the presence of a large Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia . The paper also outlines possible solutions which purportedly celebrate objective think ing on both sides, driven by the conviction that only in resurrecting such mental attitude lies the realistic hope of straightening distortions and correcting misinformation to restore harmony back into the long and deep relations of these two neighbours.

Keywords: bilateral relations, domestic helpers, Indonesia, Malaysia, migrant workers, objective mindse


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