The impact of inter-union conflicts on industrial harmony: The case of tertiary health institutions in Cross River State, Nigeria

Antigha Okon Bassey, Takim Asu Ojua, Esther Patrick Archibong, Umo Antigha Bassey


The study was carried out to determine the impact of inter-union conflicts on industrial harmony. University of Calabar Teaching Hospital and Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital Calabar were the only tertiary health institutions in Nigeria’s Cross River State and the 2575 total staff strength of the two organizations was the study population. A total of 266 subjects was randomly sampled. Pearson Product Moment Correlation test was conducted to test the null hypothesis and it was established that there was significant influence of inter-union conflicts on industrial harmony in the study case. Recommendations to reduce the inter-union conflicts and enhance industrial harmony include, among others, the removal of salary disparity among unions, and the review of law and working conditions.

Keywords: industrial harmony, industrial law, health industry, inter-union conflicts, salary disparities, working conditions

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