The Tekala Forest Reserve: A Study on surface wash and runoff using close system erosion plots

Othman Jaafar, Sharifah Mastura SA, Sabry Al-Toum


This study on surface wash and runoff using closed system erosion plots was carried out in Tekala Forest Reserve Hulu Langat Selangor. Variations in the rates of surface wash and runoff were analysed with reference to soil characteristics of the site and 14 rainfall parameters. The results showed that the rate of surface wash ranged from 67.49 to 233.77 gm-2 yr-1 with an average of 101.7 gm-2 yr -1 . The average rate of total surface unoff ranged from 121.9 lm-2 yr-1 to 290.8 lm-2 yr-1 with an average of 194.43 lm-2 yr-1 . The results also showed that surface wash was positively and significantly correlated with all the rainfall parameters, the amount of rainfall being the best index. A significant and positive correlation was also found between the amount of surface wash and the amount of surface runoff in the study area.  

Keywords: closed system erosion, rainfall parameters, rate of total surface runoff, soil characteristics, surface runoff, surface wash

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