The conception of inter-communal structures in the urban-rural relations of Bihor County, Romania

Valentin Nemes


Urbanisation or urban drift often results in imbalanced regional development where the urban thrives and the rural becomes deprived. Efforts to correct this imbalance in the form of growth pole models rarely met with success because of many factors, not least, political. There are nevertheless growth pole models of polycentric development which can foster harmonious relationships between urban and rural areas. This paper illustrates this point with special reference to the conception of eleven Territorial Planning Units (TPU) in the Romanian county of Bihor. The hallmark of the TPU is the establishment of inter- communal structures which manage to circumvent the unhealthy polarisation of conventional urbanisation, reduce regional disparities and strengthen rural- urban relationships because they pay due attention to the needs and interests of local communities.

Keywords: growth poles, inter-communal structures, polycentric development, regional disparities, territorial planning units, urbanisation

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