[ms] Islam and Dakwah During Early Islamic Resurgence and Western Colonialism in Malaya

Badlihisham Mohd Nasir


It is undeniable fact that Islam in Malaysia has reached the highest position in the country despite of its crumbling journey to the peak. Islam is seen to have spread in the Archipelago and had caused a great migration from Hindu-Buddhist adherence to the new teaching of the Prophet Muhammad. The article seeks to review the early advent of Islam as well as dakwah that became the catalyst of its spreading throughout history. Moreover, Islam and dakwah are the most important aspect that become the focus of the study particularly during the colonial rule. This historial review reveals that Islam and dakwah are the two interchangeable aspect that so influential in the history of Malaya. Despite great challenge in its early advent and during colonial era, Islam and dakwah had succeeded to rise as the symbiosis that is hard to pull apart.


Islam; dakwah; politics; western; Malay

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