[ms] Newsworthiness criteria in propagation facebook entry

Muhamad Faisal Ashaari, Nur Adhwa Farahin Saparudin


This article discusses eight criteria of newsworthiness that should be embedded in the dakwah-oriented Facebook entries. Basically, the duty of propagator is to understand the community and identify issues that involve contrary to the Islamic law, the lack of the community’s commitment to Islamic values and misunderstandings about Islam in the society. For the propagator through Facebook is to highlight these issues through the social networking site to create awareness of Islam. Not all issues to be addressed, only the issues that can attract high comment and ‘like’ from users that meet newsworthiness criteria. Based on the analysis of ten entries for Facebooks of three respondents, called as ustaz who has been active in the virtual dakwah, four criteria of newsworthiness are frequently used namely people, conflict, impact and unusual


Facebook; online propagation; Islam online; propagation; Islamic internet

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