[ms] Andalus Trade Sector Development During the Banu Umayyad Reign

Noranizah Yusuf, Ezad Azraai Jamsari


Trade sector is a main source of economic revenue for the Kingdom of Banu Umayyad. The role factors of government, people and strategic location of Andalus are the contributing factors to the rapidity of trade in Andalus. As we have known that Andalus played an important role as a ’middle man’ in the transaction and exchange of commodities between the Christians in Europe and the Muslims in the east. This article aims to analyze the facts of the history of trade in Andalus during the reign of Banu Umayyad Empire, began year 138H/756M to 422H/1031M. This study applies historical methodology through a qualitative approach. The author uses both primary and secondary sources to get the informations of the historical trading sector in Andalus at the time of Banu Umayyad between the years as mentioned above. This data and informations involving sources that are obtained via the library research. The result found that Andalus during the reign of Banu Umayyad had achieved an excellant prosperity in the trade sector. The activity of trade in Andalus was not merely focussed on domestic domain, even it had been spread out to other countries through the facilities of commercial markets and ports that provided by the government of Banu Umayyad in Andalus


Trade development; comodity transaction; Andalus; Cordova; Banu Umayyad

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