[ms] Analysis of the Understanding of Muslim Will Writing in Melacca

Kasimah Kamaruddin, Md. Yazid Ahmad


Will is an instruction made by a person during his lifetime to another person whether in written, oral or signal and it is put into effect after the death of the testator. Based on statistics issued by the Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB) from 2008 until 2010, the total registration of bequest among Muslims in Malacca increasing from year to year. Until the year 2010, the total registration of bequest among Muslims in Malacca is 169 people. The objective of this paper is to examine the differences between the concepts of will and executoship (wisayah). Other than that to study how far the understanding of Muslims in Malacca on the will writing. To achieve these objectives, a survey using questionnaires and also document analysis have been used. In this study, information obtained from 90 respondents, consisting of 30 people from will writer, 30 people from will management agent and 30 people from heirs of the decease who managing the bequest property. The structural sampling has been used. Data was analyzed descriptively. Result indicates that the will and executorship are not too dissimilar, in terms of property trusteeship. The difference is only in terms of implementation. Overall, the level of understanding of Muslims in Malacca, especially among writers of will, the heirs and the property management agent are at a satisfactory stage.


Will; Melacca; executor; wisayah; Islamic law; heritage

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