[ms] Response of Some Muslim Thinkers on ‘Global Ethics’ of Hans Küng

Najihah Ahmad, Wan Fariza Alyati Wan Zakaria


This study discusses the response of some Muslim thinkers on ‘Global Ethics’ of Hans Küng. This ‘Global Ethics’ is a discussion on human rights within the sphere of theology, politics and global economy as well. The research problem shows that the acts of violation on human rights among Muslim communities are more serious concern, and the efforts to settle them down are still failure. This Global Ethics was introduced by Hans Küng and was designed purposely to deal with such conflicts, but from an Islamic perspective, the idea has caused a various reaction because it has been founded by a Western Christian person. Hence, the purpose of this study is to evaluate this idea from the Islamic perspective through the analysis of the responses of Muslim thinkers. To achieve this goal, the qualitative research method has been used via the process of gathering, studying, analysing and synthesising the data which directly related to the idea of ‘Global Ethics’ according to Hans Küng and Muslim thinkers. The result of the research shows that there are three types of responses of Muslim scholars, firstly, the absolute rejection due to prejudice against other religions and absolutism in religion (exclusivisme), secondly, the absolute acceptance based on equality in diversity (religious pluralism); and thirdly, a conditional acceptance due to the existing of usefulness value to Islam and this debate focusing on more human rights framework rather than theology (inclusivisme). This study is able to contribute a clear understanding of the needs ‘Global Ethics’ and further to urge the world community in general and Muslims in particular to assess openly a new idea without the action of rejection too early.


Respond; Islamic thoughts; human rights; global ethics; Hans Küng

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