[ms] Floral-Based Enterprises by Andalus Muslim Community

Eiashah Yusof, Roziah Sidik @ Mat Sidek


The Andalus region was famous for its agriculture. Although the Andalus is widely known as an area that receives less rain, but its ability to develop irrigation system has triumphed to gambol the development and growth in this field. This paper discusses one of agriculture products, namely flora. Discussion concentrates on how the flora used and benefited by the community of Andalus. However, the scope of the debate confined to the flora found in the Kitab al-Nabat written by al-Dinawari. It aims to reveal the function of floral diversity that benefits the community in Andalus. This study uses content analysis method to examine the content of the book of al-Nabat in order to elucidate exactly how the flora had given the benefit to the lives of people all day in Andalus. The result of the study found that the flora which existed in Andalus can provide benefits in various aspects to the Muslim community in Andalus such as in the aspects of industrial food, grease oil, electrical power sources, clothing, perfume, timber industry and medicine. Nonetheless, this study focuses only on its utility in the food industry, clothing and perfume.


Floral; Andalus; Kitab al-Nabat; al-Dinawari

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