Qur’anic Guidelines for Personality Development and Collective Work

Siddig Ahmad


Islam is a perfect religion and it provides a complete code of guidance in all human activities. Not only does it prescribe beliefs and rules governing man’s relationship with his Creator, the Almighty Allah swt, but it also lays down detailed guidelines regarding the conduct of man in his relationship with his fellow beings. This study explored on personality development and collective work which founded the key role in determining generic skills in Islam. This article is based on textual analysis of selected issues mainly in the Qur’an, sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and other relevant sources in Islam. Overall, the findings show that personality development could be built up through physical training by merging their diet and nutrition with exercise, through spiritual training by purifying their soul via “tahajjud” and mental training by participating in “usrah” and acquainting with the reality of current society. For collective work, ta’aruf and tafahum, as the pre-requisites, should be practiced via ta’awun and takaful which could generate the multiple efforts of many people. This article is expected to highlight the Qur’anic guidelines for personality development and collective work in order to provide guidance to the Muslim especially graduates and employee.


Personality development; collective work; physical; mental; spiritual

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