Tabiat Menghidu Gam: Dari Perspektif Undang-undang dan Masyarakat

Maizatul Farisah Mokhtar


The act or habit of glue sniffing is categorized as a social problem which is increasingly rampant nowadays. Yet most worrying is the abuse among the young sepecially school children either in secondary or primary school. Upon reflection, this calamity is not a new phenomenon, however it exists alongside drug abuse which alarmed the world community. Glue sniffing is said to be an alternative to drug addiction because of its similar effect, yet at a cheaper price. However it has a profound effect to one's health especially to the brain causing severe damage, which at times can cause death. According to the existing law, glue sniffing is not an offence since glue itself is a substance which is a legitimate material used in daily activity. However, if glue sniffing is not monitored from the beginning, it will cause greater harm not only to one's health, but would also inadvertently lead the individual towards drug addiction, raising social problem ill society. This article focuses on two main issues namely, the effect of glue sniffing on health, as well as the existing laws and policies which are inadequate to address this problem. Several recommendations are forwarded to ascertain that this problem is effectively addressed.


glue sniffing; law; society; Malaysia

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