Occupational Health and Safety Advisory Services (OHSAS) 18001 Management System Adoption: Assessing the Determinants

Tan Cheng Ling, Fathyah Hashim, Chu Wee Liang



This study employed structural equation modeling (SEM) and partial least square (PLS) tools to examine the determinants (namely management commitment, work involvement, incentive and recognition, and supportive environment) involved in the adoption of OHSAS 18001 management system by industries in Malaysia. Survey data was drawn from a sample of 128 OHSAS 18001 certified companies from various industries. Statistical results confirmed that only management commitment and supportive environment positively influence OHSAS 18001 management system adoption, while work involvement, and incentive and recognition are not significantly influencing OHSAS 18001 adoption. The findings are useful for practitioners that are considering the adoption of OHSAS 18001 management system in their companies. This paper concludes with discussion, implications, limitations and suggestion for future study.

Keywords: Occupational health and safety; hazards; accidents; risk; industry; Malaysia.


Kajian ini menggunakan kaedah structural equation modeling (SEM) dan partial least square (PLS) untuk menguji penentu (iaitu komitmen pengurusan, penglibatan kerja, insentif dan pengiktirafan, serta persekitaran sokongan) daripada adaptasi sistem pengurusan OHSAS 18001 dalam industri di Malaysia. Data kajian telah diambil daripada 128 sampel syarikat yang memperoleh persijilan OHSAS 18001 dari pelbagai industri di Malaysia. Hasil statistik mengesahkan bahawa komitmen pengurusan dan persekitaran sokongan sahaja yang mempengaruhi adaptasi sistem pengurusan OHSAS 18001 secara positif, manakala penglibatan kerja, dan insentif serta pengiktirafan tidak mempengaruhi adaptasi OHSAS 18001 secara signifikan. Penemuan ini berguna untuk pengamal bagi mempertimbangkan adaptasi sistem pengurusan OHSAS 18001 dalam syarikat mereka. Kajian ini diakhiri dengan perbincangan, implikasi, limitasi dan cadangan untuk kajian masa depan.

Kata kunci: Kesihatan dan keselamatan pekerjaan; bahaya; kemalangan; risiko; industry; Malaysia.

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