Profiles of Entrepreneurs and Their Start-ups III the UPM-MTDC Incubation Center

Khairul Akmaliah Adham, Maisarah Ahmad


In this study, nine entrepreneurs whose companies were located in the UPM-MTDC Technology Incubation Center were interviewed. The objective was to examine certain key characteristics of the firms (those related to their business activities) and of the entrepreneurs (characteristics related to their motivations and demographic backgrounds). This study revealed a number of similarities between the characteristics of these entrepreneurs and the characteristics reported in studies of their counterparts in the us and the UK. Similarities included the common use of personal savings as sources of
capital for starting up their businesses; the fact that start-up of the new ventures was initiated by entrepreneurial teams; problems in acquiring capital, particularly during their growth stage; and that all the entrepreneurs had at least a 4-year bachelors degree. Nevertheless, the study also revealed differences between business support services available at UPM-MTDC and those found in business incubators in the US. For example, compared to the incubators in the US, PM·MTDC does not provide many of the services required by a business, and there is a lack of utilization of university resources, as well as a lack of linkage with other resources and contacts in
the industry in which a given business is working.


Di dalam kajian ini, sembilan usahawan yang memiliki syarikat yang beroperasi di pusat pengeraman perniagaan UPM-MTDC telah ditemuduga. Tujuan kajian adalah untuk mengenalpasti cirifirma (iaitu ciri yang berkaitan dengan aktiviti perniagaan firma) dan latar belakang usahawannya (iaitu ciri yang berkaitan dengan motivasi dan latarbelakang demografi mereka). Kajian mendapati terdapat beberapa persamaan berkenaan dengan latar belakang usahawan syarikat dalam kajian ini dengan usahawan yang beroperasi di Amerika Syarikat. Antara persamaan tersebut termasuk
penggunaan wang simpanan peribadi sebagai sumber kewangan untuk memulakan usaha niaga, usaha niaga dibentuk oleh sekumpulan usahawan, usahawan mengalami masalah mendapatkan bantuan kewangan terutamanya
dalamfasa pertumbuhan dan semua usahawan memiliki sekurang-kurangnya ijazah sarjanamuda. Walau gaimanapun, kajian ini mendapati terdapat perbezaan dari segi bantuan perkhidmatan perniagaan yang disediakan di pusat pengeraman perniagaan UPM-MTDC dengan pusat yang serupa di Amerika Syarikat. Contohnya, berbanding dengan pusat pengeraman di Amerika Syarikat, UPM-MTDC tidak menyediakan kebanyakan bantuan perkhidmatan perniagaan yang diperlukan oleh sesebuah perniagaan dan tahap penggunaan sumber-sumber dari universiti, juga hubungan dengan sumber dan agensi lain dalam industri masih rendah.


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