The Role of Ethics in Corporate Governance (Peranan Etika dalam Tadbir Urus Korporat)

Zaleha Othman, Rashidah Abdul Rahman, Faridahwati Mohd. Shamsudin


The purpose of this paper is to explore the role of ethics in corporate governance. The research is situated within an interpretive approach. The interview technique was employed to explore the issue. Interviews were conducted with 13 experts who were involved in the reform of Malaysian corporate governance. The experts were selected based on their expertise and experience. Three themes emerged in respect of the main role of ethics in corporate governance: corporate governance is a code of ethics, corporate governance is inclusive of ethics, and ethics is an affiliate of corporate governance. The research has contributed in enhancing the understanding of corporate governance by shifting the focus from a structural perspective to a moral perspective and manages to highlight the contradictions that lie within the understanding of corporate governance in moral perspective.

Tujuan kajian ini adalah meneroka peranan etika dalam tadbir urus korporat. Kajian ini menggunakan pendekatan interpretasi. Temubual sebagai teknik untuk menyelidik isu kajian. Seramai 13 pakar yang terlibat dalam reformasi tadbir urus korporat di Malaysia telah ditemubual. Pakar-pakar tersebut telah dipilih berdasarkan kepakaran dan pengalaman. Dapatan kajian menunjukkan tiga tema muncul berkenaan peranan utama etika dalam tadbir urus korporat: tadbir urus korporat adalah kod etika, etika adalah sebahagian dari tadbir urus korporat dan etika adalah berganding dengan tadbir urus korporat. Kajian ini menyumbang kepada pemahaman tadbir urus korporat iaitu dengan mengalihkan fokus dari struktur kepada perspektif moral. Kajian ini berjaya menyangkal pemahaman tadbir urus korporat dari perspektif moral.

Keywords: Ethics; Corporate governance; Code of ethics; Inclusivity; Affiliations

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