Some Estimates of The Engel Function for Various Comodities in Malaysia

Sritua Arief


Six models of the Engel function were used to estimate household consumption patterns in Malaysia based on the data of the Household Expenditure Survey of 1973. A total of 18 groups of consumption items were analyzed including rice, bread, meat, fish, sugar and others. The study found that the suitability of each model varies according to identified product groups.


Enam model Enger telah digunakan untuk menganggar pola-pola penggunaan isirurnah di Malaysia berdasarkan data-data Kajian Perbelanjaan lsirumah 1973. Sejumlah 18 kumpulan item-item penggunaan telah dipilih untuk penganalisaan termasuk beras. roti, daging, ikan, gula dan lain-lain lagi. Kajian ini mendapati bahawa kesesuaian tiap-tiap model dalah berbeza mengikui kumpulan item-item penggunaan tertentu.

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