Demystifying the Empirical Link Between Safety Climate, Safety Communication, Work Environment and Unsafe Behaviour At Work

Johanim Johari, Tan Fee Yean, Zurina Adnan



The primary objective of this study is to examine the predicting roles of safety climate, safety communication, and work environment on unsafe behaviour. A survey was carried out among employees in manufacturing companies in Klang Valley. A total of 108 employees reported on safety climate, safety communication, work environment as well as their engagement in unsafe behaviour at work. Data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 17.0. The findings reported that safety climate and work environment had a significant impact on respondents’ unsafe behaviour. Safety communication, on the other hand, had no bearing on unsafe behaviour among respondents in this study. Drawing on the findings, discussions elaborated on the importance of safety climate and work environment in curbing unsafe behaviour among employees. Theoretical and practical ramifications as well as directions for future research and conclusion of the study are put forward.

Keywords: Safety climate; safety communication; work environment; unsafe behaviour


Objektif utama kajian adalah untuk mengenalpasti peranan peramal bagi iklim keselamatan, komunikasi keselamatan, dan persekitaran kerja terhadap gelagat tidak selamat. Kaji selidik dijalankan dalam kalangan pekerja dalam syarikat pembuatan di Lembah Kelang. Sejumlah 108 pekerja melaporkan tentang iklim keselamatan, komunikasi keselamatan, serta persekitaran kerja serta gelagat tidak selamat di tempat kerja mereka. Data dianalisa menggunakan Pakej Statistik untuk Sosial Sains versi 17.0. Hasil kajian mendapati iklim keselamatan dan persekitaran kerja mempunyai impak yang signifikan terhadap gelagat tidak selamat para responden. Komunikasi keselamatan, walau bagaimanapun, tidak mempengaruhi gelagat tidak selamat responden dalam kajian ini. Berdasarkan dapatan ini, perbincangan menjelaskan tentang kepentingan iklim keselamatan dan persekitaran kerja dalam mengawal gelagat tidak selamat dalam kalangan pekerja. Implikasi teoretikal dan praktikal, haluan kajian akan datang serta kesimpulan kajian juga diketengahkan.

Kata kunci: iklim keselamatan; komunikasi keselamatan; persekitaran kerja; gelagat tidak selamat


safety climate, safety communication, work environment, unsafe behaviour

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