Gender and Employee Involvement in Malaysia

Norsiah Aminudin


This paper examines the differences between the attitudes of men and women towards Employee Involvement (EI)
programs in Malaysian context. Quality Circles (QC) and Employee Share Ownership Schemes (ESOS) were the focus of
the current study of EI. Both quantitative and qualitative research approaches were used in a mixed method study. The research found no significant differences in the attitudes of men and women toward EI schemes. However, with regard
to participating in EI programs, men appeared to have more opportunity in comparison to women. This suggests that
managers should seriously consider gender variations in designing EI schemes at the workplace.

Kertas ini mengkaji perbezaan sikap antara lelaki dan wanita terhadap Skim Employee Involvement (EI) di Malaysia.
Kajian ini memfokus kepada Quality Circles (QC) dan Employee Share Ownership Schemes (ESOS). Pendekatan
kuantitatif dan kualitatif telah digunakan. Keputusan menunjukkan bahawa tidak terdapat perbezaan yang ketara
antara sikap lelaki dan wanita terhadap Skim EI. Namun, bersabit dengan penglibatan dalam program EI, pekerja
lelaki kelihatan mempunyai peluang yang lebih besar berbanding pekerja wanita. Hal ini mencadangkan yang para
pengurus sepatutnya memberi perhatian yang lebih serius terhadap faktor berkaitan jantina semasa merancang Skim
EI di tempat kerja.

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