Tanggapan Sokongan Organisasi, Kepuasan Kerja, Komitmen dan Kelakuan Kewargaan Organisasi Pekerja: Peranan Politik Organisasi sebagai Perantara

Rasidah Arshad, Suryati Ahmad Zawawi


(Perception on Organisation Support, Job Satisfaction, Commitment and Citizenship Behaviour: The Roles of Organisational Politics as a Mediator)


The study was conducted to investigate direct relationships between perceived organisational support and employees attitudes and behaviour, and indirect relationships via perceived organisational politics. Sample for the study were 176 employees from an organisation in Malaysia. Hypotheses were tested using Structural Equation Modeling. Consistent with past studies, perceived organisational support was negatively related to perceived organizational politics. Significant positive relationships were also found between perceived organisational support and job satisfaction, affective commitment and organisational citizenship behaviour. For the mediating relationship, the only relationship found to be significant was between perceived organisational support and affective commitment.


Kajian ini dijalankan untuk menyiasat hubungan langsung dan tidak langsung antara tanggapan sokongan organisasi dengan sikap dan kelakuan pekerja menerusi perantaraan tanggapan politik organisasi. Sampel kajian terdiri daripada 176 pekerja daripada sebuah organisasi di Malaysia. Hipotesis diuji menggunakan Structural Equation Modeling. Konsisten dengan kajian lepas, tanggapan sokongan organisasi didapati mempunyai hubungan negatif yang signifikan dengan tanggapan politik organisasi. Hubungan positif yang signifikan juga ditemui wujud di antara tanggapan sokongan organisasi dengan kepuasan kerja, komitmen afektif, dan kelakuan kewargaan organisasi. Untuk hubungan perantaraan, tanggapan politik organisasi adalah perantara yang signifikan hanya dalam hubungan di antara tanggapan sokongan organisasi dan komitmen afektif.

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