The Influence of STructural Variables on Managerial Work Roles in Malaysian State - Owned Enterprises

Md. Zabid Abdul Rashid


This article examines the influence of structural variables on managerial roles, and the extent of roles, and the extent of roles required in managerial jobs in state-owned enterprises (soe). The data was collected from a sample of 105 managers in Malaysia soe. The results showed that structural variables such as the sizes of the organisations, and the type if industry have little influence on managerial roles. Structural variables such as the organisations structure and the legal type of soe have no significant influence on managerial roles. The result also suggest that there are variations and similarities on the extent of managerial roles required in their jobs.


Rencana ini mengkaji pengaruh pembolehubah struktur ke atas peranan pengurusan dan setakat manakah pernan-peranan diperlukan di dalam kerja-kerja pengurusan dalma perusahaan awam. Data telah diperolehi dari 105 sampel orang pengurus di pengurusan awam di Malaysia. Hasil kajian menunjukkan bahawa pembolehubah struktur seperti saiz organisasi dan jenis perusahaan mempunyai sedikit pengaruh ke atas peranan-peranan pengurusan. Pembolehubah seperti struktur organisasi dan jenis penubuhan organisasi tidak mempunyai pengaruh yang signifikan ke atas peranan-peranan pengurus yang diperlukan di dalam kerja-kerja mereka.

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