PENGARUH IKLIM ORGANISASI TERHADAP TINGKAH LAKU KEWARGAAN ORGANISASI DALAM KALANGAN PENJAWAT AWAM (Influence of Organizational Climate Towards Organizational Citizenship Behavior on Government Servants)

Muhamad Ariff Ibrahim, Wan Shahrazad Wan Sulaiman, Sarah Waheeda Muhammad Hafidz, Siti Fardaniah Abd Aziz


Organizational citizenship behavior is the behavior outside of the job description of an employee's ability to achieve the mission and vision of the organization indirectly. Organizational citizenship behavior is also part of the elements that contribute to job performance. This study is focused on organizational citizenship behavior which is influenced by organizational climate. The sample comprised of 282 respondents from 6 Selangor police headquarters. Data were collected using a questionnaire in which results were analyzed using Pearson correlation and multiple regression analysis. The findings indicated that there was positive relationship between organizational climate and organizational citizenship behavior. Results of regression analysis found that about 27.4% of the organizational citizenship behavior variance was explained by dimensions of organizational climate. These dimensions were support supervision, clarity of organizational goals, formalization and outward focus that were found to influence significantly on organizational citizenship behavior. This study have implications for the police officers in the PDRM agency to engage in activities that can improve organizational climate to implement organizational citizenship behavior tendency at the work place.

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