POLA PERSAHABATAN DAN HUBUNGAN MERENTASI ETNIK DALAM KALANGAN MURID DI SEKOLAH (Pattern of friendship and relationship across ethnic among children in school)

Suresh Kumar N Vellymalay


This study explores the nature of friendship and inter-ethnic relationship amongst pupils of different ethnic group in school. The sample consists of 1000 pupils from five secondary schools in Kedah and another five secondary schools in Perak. Structured interview was used to gather quantitative data from the pupils studied. The findings show that the formation of friendship among Malay, Chinese and Indian pupils are more prominent to intra-ethnic relationship rather than inter-ethnic relationship. However, the inter-ethnic friendship among Malay pupils is likely to be determined by cultural similarity identified in other cultures. For Chinese and Indian pupils, inter-ethnic friendship is likely to be determined by their previous inter-ethnic experiences.

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