ORGANISATIONAL BARRIERS IN WORKING WITH CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE (CSA) CASES: THE MALAYSIAN PROFESSIONALS’ EXPERIENCES (Halangan Organisasi dalam Mengendalikan Kes Penderaan Seksual Kanak-Kanak: Pengalaman Profesional Malaysia)

Salina Nen, Jill Astbury


The purpose of this study is to examine organisational barriers faced by professionals working with
child sexual abuse (CSA) cases in Malaysia. This study was conducted from a diverse sample of 18
social workers, medical social workers, counsellors and police officers who worked in CSA cases.
These participants came from different organisations namely the royal police of Malaysia, the welfare
department, hospitals and non-government agency. A qualitative approach was used for collecting and
analysing data; and semi structured interview was used to guide the interview. Two main factors had
been identified as barriers in working with CSA cases, namely within and between organisations. In
terms of within organisations, participants identified factors such as inadequate support, excessive
workload, safety issue and lack of resources as the major barriers. As for between organisations,
factors such as conflict of power and disorganised system were mentioned as factors preventing
capabilities of professionals in giving help. This paper provides an in depth analysis of major barriers
facing by professionals working with CSA in Malaysia

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