Penentu keterlibatan nelayan pesisir pantai dalam aktiviti bukan pertanian di Kuala Kedah, Kedah (Determinants of participation in non-agricultural activities among coastal fisherman in Kuala Kedah, Kedah)

Ahmad Zubir Ibrahim, Abd.Rahim Anuar


Artikel ini bertujuan untuk mengkaji keterlibatan golongan nelayan di dalam aktiviti bukan pertanian. Kajian ini dilakukan di kalangan 200 orang nelayan pesisir pantai di Kuala Kedah, Kedah. Analisis data kajian ini menggunakan analisa logit. Hasil kajian mendapati bahawa ciri-ciri individu (umur, jantina, pendidikan dan pengalaman) dan ciri-ciri isi rumah (bilangan tangungan, perbelanjaan ke atas pendapatan, pendapatan pasangan dan sumbangan anak-anak) memberi kesan secara langsung ke atas keterlibatan nelayan di dalam aktiviti bukan pertanian. Kajian ini juga turut mencadangkan pembangunan keusahawanan di komuniti nelayan sebagai usaha mempertingkatkan keterlibatan golongan ini dalam aktiviti bukan pertanian terutama dalam industri pemprosesan hasil laut.


Kata kunci: aktiviti bukan pertanian, ciri individu, ciri isi rumah, nelayan, pembangunan usahawan, pesisir pantai


This article aims to investigate the involvement of fishermen in non-agricultural activities. The study was conducted among 200 coastal fishermen in Kuala Kedah, Kedah.  Data used in this study is obtained through the logit analysis. The study found that the characteristics of the individual (age, sex, education and experience) and household characteristics (number of household, income expenditure, spouse income and remitance) are directly affecting involvement fisherman in non-agricultural activities. The study also suggested the development of entrepreneurship in fishing communities as an effort in enhancing their involvement in non-agricultural activities especially in marine product processing industry.


Keywords: non-agricultural activities, individual characteristics, household characteristics, fisherman, entrepreneurship development, coastal areas

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